Fastface is designed to quickly identify people by an image or on a video stream

Cydral FastFace is a comprehensive facial recognition system capable of finding identical or similar persons. Based on advanced AI algorithms, Cydral Technology's experts in machine learning created a smart and innovative search engine to enhance the user experience for people identifying. Use our app or a specific web search engine to immediately explore how our SaaS or on-site facial recognition platform can integrate with all your business needs.

Fast Facial Recognition

Cydral delivers self-hosted APIs and mobile capabilities for customers to access and leverage our best-in-class face recognition technology. A search limited to finding an individual in a specific database is even possible.

Impressive Precision

Trained on proprietary databases of millions of labelled images, the artificial intelligence developed by Cydral achieves remarkable efficiency, for instance an accuracy of 99.4% for the Labeled Faces in the Wild (LFW) challenge.

Easy to Use & Funny

Use our facial recognition software to look up people simply using your mobile device... and also enjoy a new experience in augmented reality! Integrating Fastface into your own environment is very straightforward and usually requires only a few days.

We offers a wide range of features

Given a detected face extracted from a picture taken by a camera or loaded from a library and a set of public candidate faces to search with, the FastFace search engine finds a small set of faces that look most similar to the target face. Additionally, and for each uploaded image, FastFace returns several attributes such as the estimated age and the gender. Our engineers have as well developed a visual screening system based on the analysis of the image content, which can also be used to perform automated moderation actions.


Use your smartphone to simply select the image you want to use in your phone gallery or take a photo to instantly start your search, or use your web service for an immediate search experience from any media.

Scalable System

FastFace allows you to provide photos of similar people and related public information, mainly where the image appears on the Internet, and a specific process even suggests a name if the profile is effectively known.

High Performance

Collecting and analysing hundreds of millions of Web images, our service finds out a person within few seconds, retrieving results from our database of about 200 millions faces.

Facial Attributes

Besides finding your look-alike, our system will do its best to guess the age and gender of the people in the shot, a feature also to maximize your efficiency.

An accurate and scalable facial recognition system

FastFace allows you to provide photos of similar people and related public information, mainly where the image appears on the Internet. It is not a reverse image search engine, but a comprehensive system integrating a top quality face recognition technology based on several deep learning algorithms developed by Cydral Technology.

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Unlike other face recognition technologies, our FastFace system allows quick searches in big data sets. Our back-end/front-end can work with any photographic databases, current results though it use public images on the Internet indexed by our specific crawlers.

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